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Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd.is the eighth subsidiary of Zhong-ou International Group. Our production base (the largest RV production base in China) is located in No.8, Zhong Ou Road, Southeast Economic Development Zone, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China. It covers an area of 340,000 square meters with a floor space of 200,000 square meters, and has been formed an annual production capacity o f 10000 sets. Our subordinate research institute—Zhong-ou Automobile Research Institute covers an area of 20,000 square meters with fully functional research buildings and well-equipped RV production line. The RV made in Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd.is the great cooperation achievements of the Zhong-ou Automobile Research Institute, the German Mercedes-Bens and German Haim Company, the product is based on the Sprinter’s latest technology, and the exterior adopted the humanized design and exquisite workmanship of German Haim Company (the professional RV Manufacture in Germany). In order to comply with our customers’ life habits and aesthetic taste, the Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd.particularly designed the interior by professionals. The vehicle is really a customized comfortable home which is built on the wheel!

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