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Love under the blue sky-Ambulance charitable donation ceremony of Zhong-ou International Group
Date :2012-8-7 14:43:00 | Browsing: 638 | Source: zoemo

A Ambulance Charitable donation ceremony which is themed as “love under the blue sky” is start in Community Health Center, Tongjing Town, Songjiang district, Shanghai on December 16th, 2011. Develop and expand love, contribute the society, care the community, the head quarter of Zhong-ou International group that located in Tongjing Town, Songjiang district, Shanghai formally donate an ambulance which is worth 1200,000RMB for the Tongjing Community Health Center.

President Mr. Wu of Zhong-ou International Group attend the donation ceremony

In the ceremony, the President Mr. Wu represent the group sign a contract with the representative of Tongjing Community Health Center and give him the ambulance’s key. Equipped with complete functions and top level first-aid facilities, this ambulance will shoulder the honor of “first –aid, benefit the community”. During the ceremony, Deputy District Mayor of Songjiang District Mr. Zhangpeirong, party secretary of Tongjiang Town Mr. Chenxuehua as well as the general manager of Zhong-ou Auto Sales Co., Ltd Mr. Qiaozhikui represents the district; town and Zhong-ou International Group make speeches one by one. After the ceremony, President Mr. Wu of Zhong-ou International Group takes photos with all the leaders, and visits the ambulance together with them.

In recent years, with the right leadership of the district government & Tongjing part committee, strong support of the society, common effort made by all the health workers, the sanitary conditions, medical service level and emergency rescue ability make a great improvement. However, due to some reasons, Tongjing Community Health Center has few normal ambulances, and feels hard to satisfy the emergency demand. The party committee of Tongjiang Town and district government pay high attention to this situation and discuss the solving way of the problem for many times.

Warm atmosphere in the ceremony with ebullience leaders

As the model company of Songjiang district and leading companies of RV industry, Zhong-ou International Group donates our ambulance after we get the real situations there. The donation of Zhong-ou ambulance solved the emergency problems of Tongjing Community Health Center, and improves the medical situations too. The donated Community Health Center said they will keep strict management for the ambulance and play the max effect of it, do more safe security, more convenience, faster medical service for the local people.



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