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Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. in 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
Date :2012-8-7 15:19:00 | Browsing: 730 | Source: zoemo

Themed by “Innovation & leap”, the 2012 (12th) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will open in China International Exhibition Center on April 23rd, 2012. It is said that the displayed vehicles were up to 1125 sets that day, and among them, 120 sets were world premiere, 36 sets were world premiere from multinational corporations and 35 sets were Asian premiere from multinational corporations, 74 sets of concept cars and 88 sets of new energy vehicles! This exhibition is regard as the greatest one in China for its numerous vehicles, bigger show area as well as more world premiere vehicles.

Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. stand in 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

The competitive situation of the Chinese auto market can be showed incisively and vividly in this exhibition. Countless visitors gathered around different auto companies, it’s not a match about popularity but also sales performance. In the exhibition, we specially adopted some elements of ZOACO, and put several vehicles inside and outside the pavilion. Luxurious motor homes with top-level configurations of private aircrafts made them the high lights of this exhibition.

Consulting visitors gathered around the Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd.

Around the Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. stand, there gathered numerous visitors who looked the luxurious interior trimming carefully, some of them even took photos with the vehicles. Beside the vehicles, there were our professional representatives who introduced the vehicles patiently to our visitors and gave them a real contact with the vehicle. The models beside the vehicles were doing their on-site show follow the music ……

On-site show of the models

With the great innovations and developments, Zhong-ou brand has been become one of the strongest RV companies in Chinese auto market. Quality comes from the strength; we believe that our Zhong-ou motor homes will get a win-win achievement in both popularity and sales performance!

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