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Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. in the 2012 Xi'an International Automotive Industry Exhibition of China
Date :2012-8-7 15:31:00 | Browsing: 353 | Source: zoemo

Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. stand in 2012 Xi’an International Automotive Industry Exhibition

2012 Xi’an International Automotive Industry Exhibition solemnly opened in the ancient capital-Xi’an from July 14th to July 19th. As the highest standard and biggest scale auto salon of the west area, it connected the east & west area in location, and attracted numerous well-known auto companies all around the world. Several motor home series of Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. have displayed in this exhibition, and more meaningful senses are provided for the visitors.

On July 14th, the first day of the exhibition, a great many visitors were attracted there that day. Lots of the visitors gathered around the stand of Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. and asked some information about the configurations of the vehicle; they gained rich knowledge about the motor home before them make their final decision. We displayed 4 types of our motor homes which are at the price of 700,000RMB-1480, 000RMB. Among them, the ZUEBO and VIDLACE are the business travel series and designed specially for the business elites as a “movable office”. Based on he business real time work concept, the vehicle is equipped with new digital DVD, wireless mobile office devices as well as warmth interior trimmings etc, we aimed to solve the mobile office problems during the travel for the businessmen. In addition, ZUEME are the motor home series, a perfect choice for travel.

In recent years, we have get more and more confidence on our Zhong-ou motor homes in the 5 provinces of the northwest, for we have been gained 5 years experience here. Now we have been established a distributor sales network which including the center of Xi’an and around cities like Yulin and An’kang etc. We aim to advertise our Zhong-ou brand and more motor home cultures for the visitors; we also provide our visitors a good opportunity to have a real taste of our luxurious motor homes. Zhong-ou motor home show in Pavilion A, Qujiang International Conference & Exhibition center, looking forward to your visiting!

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