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Recruiting distributors range :

We aim to build a Zhong-ou self-owned & high-end brand image and increase the market share, now we sincerely recruiting auto 4S shops as our distributors from all the prefecture-level cities.

Application requirements:

Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. have been produced new series motor homes, including ZUEME long type as well as VIDLACE business travel vehicle series, to expend our business, we now recruiting distributors by the following requirements:

Have full confidence in developing the Chinese motor home brand-Zhong-ou. Agree with the management concept and sales model of our Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. and want to build a long term cooperation relationship and develop together with our company;

The main manager is supposed to be a high-quality person with advanced sales service concept, and a strong team with good management as well as high sales and service ability;

The distributors are supposed to be an independent legal entity which have been registered in the national Industrial and commercial administration, have a good operation status and enough capital for the project (including the hardware constructions and circulating fund), as well as good relationship with the related local government, media, car management bureau, bank etc;

Have a good business reputation, have no bad record in repay accounts payable, and have no serious customer complaint events;

Have extensive experience in selling brand automobiles, have the automobile maintenance certification which is above the second class certification, have more than 1 year automobile sales and service experience, distributors with automobile maintenance business certificate can enjoy the priority;

Have independent sales place as what our Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd. required, the place must have clear ownership, beside the concentrate places of automobiles or the main traffic road (fit the requirements of urban planning and environmental protection), have land-use right or more than 5 years valid leasehold, and the sales and service facilities should match up with our company standard.

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Zhong-ou Automobile Co.,Ltd.
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Fax: +86+021-67670355
Sales Representatives: Lilin (Male) / Zhangbiao(Male)

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