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Risk Restraint
The interaction comes from the airbag and seatbelt will provide you a better protection when the collision accident happens. Our sprinter is not only installed standard size airbags, optional window airbags and chest airbags, but also installed three-point belt, head restraint, seatbelt retractor, seatbelt tightening force limiter as well as seatbelt warning device.
Seatbelt warning device will send out sound and light alarm once the driver and the front passenger don't wear the seatbelt.
When collision accident happens, the seatbelt retractor will immediately tighten the seatbelt to add the accident passive safety,
When serious side collision accident happens,the window airbags and chest airbags will unfold on the collision side. Window airbags is well used to increase the head protection for the driver and the front passenger. The chest airbag which keeps in the seatback is designed to protect the passenger's chest.
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